Midwest High School (Decatur, Georgia)

I’m not going to bad mouth anyone or anything but consider this  a public service announcement.

In order for state colleges in the state of Georgia to accept a high school diploma for regular admissions, said high school must be accredited by one of the six REGIONAL bodies or the Georgia Accrediting Commission.   The closest regional accreditation for the State of Georgia is SACS, or the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools which is located right in the metro Atlanta area.  However there is a new school in the area that has neither recognition but still insists that you too can be a happy graduate for only $99 bucks.

Midwest High School, (last I checked the city of Decatur, Georgia and Georgia for that matter were no where near the midwest of anything), touts on their website that they are indeed ‘fully’ accredited and they are – by the National Private School Accreditation Alliance, a body that is not acceptable by most institutions of higher learning.  The school purports ” Becoming a Midwest High School graduate can introduce you to endless possibilities. Many of our graduates have excelled and furthered their opportunities by in career schools, colleges and universities across the nation. Scores of graduates have also expanded their career opportunities by having a high school diploma as opposed to a GED.”, (Midwest High School, http://www.midwesthighschool.org/), but according to a recent expose done by local CBSAtlanta news students are not happy.  Cautious readers can only wonder why.


If you are going to take the alternate route, (not traditional high school or GED’s which are accepted), check accreditations.  Know what and who your school is accredited by and which your college or secondary educational institutions will accept.  Also keep in mind that some employers will glance over resumes containing schools that are deemed essentially worthless…such as the one in mention.  But you didn’t hear that from me, take note of some of the links below.




Links :

Georgia Accrediting Commissionhttp://www.coe.uga.edu/gac/

Southern Association of Schools and Colleges http://www.sacs.org/

Midwest High Schoolhttp://www.midwesthighschool.org/

The first story CBSAtlanta did on Midwesthttp://www.cbsatlanta.com/news/23530822/detail.html

The secondhttp://www.cbsatlanta.com/news/23898146/detail.html

Midwest has a MySpace page!http://www.myspace.com/462747976

Check out this page of contact for Midwest…http://efaith.cc/mhs/interior/contactus.html

…that has a home page herehttp://efaith.cc/  (Totally reputable, right?)



15 responses to “Midwest High School (Decatur, Georgia)

  • Jin LovelaceJin Lovelace

    I took a course and sent my packet in just recently. They told me out of 6 subjects, I have only passed 5 of them but the one that I didn’t pass didn’t have all of the questions filled or they were incomplete. For instance, one question was “Look at the bargraph in chart 2. Which one is greater than bars 3 and 4?” but when asked if I were to have my school books, this was promised, only for them to not give them to me.

    Now without notification, they have moved out of their building and now I am without my High School Diploma. I have their old numbers and their new number was actually a cell phone; even their office was very shady.

    I would like to have these people found and arrested if possible because I believe this is a scam. I feel that if they have did this to me, then they have did this to a lot of people and regardless of what others may think of this, I am sick and tired of people these days on how they are being careless to others and think only for themselves. Nowadays, education is extremely important and I was on my way to finally get my career going.

    So please, whoever did this article can reach at my allotted email address and I want justice to be served.

    • melonpecan

      I am so sorry that this happened to you! This is the very reason why I started this WP, (though I have been away for a while). When I find out any more information as to the whereabouts of Midwest I will definitely post them here.

      From the amount of ‘graduates’ they have been cranking out over the past couple of years I am sure by now most are realizing that Midwest is a joke, (seriously, are we in the midwest? The name still confuses me), which means other universities and institutions know as well. Please be on the lookout and don’t let these crazy companies deter you from reaching your goals.

  • dontee wiggins

    Hello, My name is Dontee wiggins and i have completed my test and pass.your company stated that they will send me my diploma and have heard nothing from the company yet, i have also called everyday. I paid my money and i would like to hear from you.

    • melonpecan

      I am not Midwest, I was simply posting information that others considering Midwest for their education would need to know. If you do come across some information about them please feel free to share.

  • valerie ames

    Dear MIdwest,I have been trying to reach the numbers and neither one of the numbers that are listed are working spent money to receive nothing now i have to spend money else where in order to get my High school diploma to receive my certificate for medical ass.I don’t understand what’s going on but whatever it is needs to be discontinued.if its not a scam why is everyone unable to reach you

  • steve griffin

    what happend to my diploma . STEVE GRIFFIN

  • steve griffin

    my husband completed the program, paid the fines and now the school and contacts are no where to be found.. what a scam….

  • Jamil Hakeem

    Hi, my name is Jamil Hakeem and I received my high school diploma from your school. I just need a sealed copy of my transcript from you in April 2011. please email me on how and when I can get that transcript.

    Thank you,
    Jamil Hakeem

  • Anthony ford

    Would like my high school deploma..

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